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The Gamers Guide To Becoming A Live Streamer In 2024

As we see technology develop more and more every year it’s no surprise that many industries that rely heavily on it have grown and changed a lot over past decades. One such industry that has changed a lot, especially for younger generations is the old concept of entertainment. While you may be used to watching your favorite TV show or movie online and assume that this is the top of the line the reality is that there is something even newer and more groundbreaking that has taken the younger generations by storm. This concept of course is the concept of video live streaming. Whether you’re watching streams on Twitch or YouTube there is no denying the fact that many people have been watching and tuning in more and more every year. This is especially true for those who love to live-stream video games. But if you’re a gamer yourself how can you start streaming? Where do you even start? Here is a simple guide.

The equipment

Contrary to what many people believe this starting streaming you don’t need a very expensive setup and a high-quality camera to be able to produce great content. Many of the biggest streamers out there currently started using their $15 mic some even started with no camera. The most important thing you need before you start streaming is a good Internet connection to be able to upload your streams a basic microphone or camera and of course, a computer on which to play video games or a console with a capture card. This is of course the very basics since you might see streamers who spend a lot on props and sets which also means that they have to figure out how much is a storage unit or the cost of hiring more people to help them on stream like Jerma for example.

The persona

This is perhaps as important or even more important than the equipment. You need to take into account that even if you are playing video games you need to find a way to make people want to watch you for hours on end. When we talk about persona we don’t necessarily mean finding yourself a gimmick but rather finding what makes you you and makes your content appealing. This is incredibly important especially if you’re playing video games considering that there are a lot of streamers who produce video game-centred content. So as you start setting up your streaming setup you need to keep in mind that you have to be entertaining and to be entertaining you have to give something out that people want to see. It is just that simple.


Like anything done on social media, the most important thing for your stream is to be able to get eyes on your stream as well as people who will come back for every other stream. This is perhaps the hardest part. The best way to do so is of course to farm engagement on social media by engaging with people but also by promoting your stream. Whether you choose to engage in drama or try to hop on trends to boost your numbers there is no wrong way to go about it. This is why for example on YouTube clickbait content is so popular even amongst YouTubers who are genuine and entertaining. The artist’s part when it comes to content creation is to convince someone to open your content and see what you’re made of. This is why being present on platforms like Twitter or Instagram is a really good way to reach out to new people.

The Money

If you get into streaming you are of course doing it partly because you want to get money out of it and this is normal. While getting a contract is the 1st and best way to make money out of streaming it is not the only one. The biggest money maker for most streamers is of course sponsors and doing sponsored streams whether it is for a video game company or products that you will show on stream or aware on stream. Once you manage to get your partner status on Twitch for example what you want to do is to be able to get the sponsors so you can start making money.

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