Gun Mayhem

Gun Mayhem1 votes. 4.8 / 5
- Played 480 times
Game Controls:

Arrows = Jump/Run, [ = Shoot, ] = Bomb


Gun Mayhem is an fascinating action-game, Gun Mayhem has jumped over some systems above a bottomless land. Attempt to shoot your challenger from it. If that neglects, make an effort to shoot them at least die. Each stage sees you armed with your trusty pistol and selects your chosen privilege. Coming from replenishment bullets to no recoil to jump about three to more. Will you be able to succeed when they fall off the platform? Can you bounce back on solid surface after losing your trolley suitcase? In action Gun Chaos is fast and furious. AI is smart and aggressive. The joys are crazy and lasting. Just what are you waiting for?

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