Free Running 2

Free Running 21 votes. 4.9 / 5
- Played 558 times
Game Controls:

Run with the arrow keys. Jump and climb on a ledge with XC. Collect all dragons to score a bonus.


If you have ever watched people performing parkour skills you will understand why this game is so much fun. There is something inherently cool about watching someone jump gracefully between two buildings or somersault over an obstacle. Free Running 2 combines some cool parkour animations together with addictive gameplay and smooth graphics to create a fun and entertaining game. Using the directional arrows on your keyboard and X to jump, you will race through each level and attempt to beat the 2 minute clock.

Each level features a different cityscape with a variety of different obstacles such as solar panels, air ducts and walls. As you traverse these obstacles, your character will perform a range of awesome parkour moves; there are also photo points where your character will perform an epic stunt for the camera. As you progress through the level, you can collect tokens and time-boost objects, plus there are additional rewards for collecting a certain amount of special items per level. This immersive game will test your skills and provide a huge amount of fun!

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